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Drabble: Obvious (The Office, Jim/Karen/Pam, PG-13)

Obvious [O is for Obvious, The Office, Jim/Karen/Pam, for piperrhiannon] “I want to do something really awesome for Jim’s birthday.” “Okay. Like. Here, at the office, right? Party Planning to the rescue.” “I’m pretty sure that anything we came up … Continue reading

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Drabble: Therapy (The Office, Gen, PG)

Title: Therapy Author: aphrodite_mine Summary: Michael sends Pam to do some damage control. Post “Woman’s Appreciation” Category: The Office, Pam, Jan Rating: PG Word Count: 375 “Look, my therapist says that if the behavior is consensual, then there really isn’t … Continue reading

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Drabble: this love affair (The Office, Jim/Pam, NC-17)

this love affair By aphrodite_mine The Office. Jim/Pam. Season 3. NC-17 Sometimes, in his dreams, Jim follows Pam into the bathroom. Sometimes, in the dreams, they just talk. Stupid stuff like they used to talk about, like how to trick … Continue reading

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Fanmix/Drabbles: No One Here Wants To Fight Me (The Office, Pam/Kelly, PG-13)

Fanmix: No One Here Wants to Fight Me Like You Do Category: The Office, Pam/Kelly, PG-13 Spoilers: Season 4 Tracks: 1. Elevator Girlfriend – Avril Lavigne vs. Guy Sigsworth 2. Paper and Glue – Emma Pollock 3. My Fair Lady … Continue reading

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