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Drabble: Another year, maybe more (Alias, Sydney/Rachel, PG)

Title: Another year, Maybe more Author: aphrodite_mine Info: for thrace_ Rating: PG 244 words Summary: Alias. Sydney/Rachel post finale It’s hard to consider yourself an adulteress when the government doesn’t acknowledge your existence, let alone your marriage. You’ve been our … Continue reading

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Drabble: Marriage (Alias, Sydney/Rachel/Nadia, NC-17)

Title: Marriage Author: aphrodite_mine Info: For piperrhiannon’s prompt for femslash_today’s porn battle, Alias, Sydney/Rachel/Nadia, making it work. Nadia felt like the something borrowed I’d heard about brides needing to wear on their wedding day. She wasn’t mine, she never would … Continue reading

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Drabble: Discoveries (Alias, Isabelle/Sydney, Jack/Sydney, PG-13)

Discoveries Alias [Isabelle/Sydney, Jack/Sydney] Written for the Multi-Fandom Incestathon 2008 The first time Sydney catches her daughter at the puzzle, something drops in her stomach, and she’s not entirely sure how to identify the feeling but she labels it as … Continue reading

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