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FIC: the burning coals (The Inside/Twin Peaks, Rebecca-centric, Rebecca/Audrey, PG-13)

Title: the burning coals Author: aphrodite_mine Summary: Rebecca’s history (rewritten) is unearthed in Twin Peaks Info: The Inside/Twin Peaks crossover. More of a mood piece than anything plotty. Rebecca/Audrey. PG-13. Written for prozacpark, for her birthday. Just over 1000 words. … Continue reading

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Drabble: Circumlocution (Twin Peaks/The Inside, Audrey, Rebecca, PG)

Circumlocution By aphrodite_mine Info: Twin Peaks/The Inside, Audrey Horne, Rebecca Locke, PG. “How’d you escape?” Rebecca looks up from her exam with a look of irritation. “I don’t know what you mean.” “From the man who held you captive. I … Continue reading

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Drabble: Religion (The Inside, Web/Rebecca, PG-13)

Title: Religion Author: Aphrodite_mine Summary: “He pulls the strings, the events and people fall into place” Category: The Inside, Web/Rebecca “Tearing her down, taking her down under your breath” –Metric, “Wet Blanket” He is a kind of god, although the … Continue reading

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Drabbles: Broken, Breaking (The Inside, Rebecca/Various, R)

Title: Broken Info: The Inside, Rebecca/Angelica dysfunctional love! Notes: I actually think I’m mixing The Inside and CSI here, but bear with me. Spoilers: for 1×12: Gem For: fembuck Don’t get attached to your cases. Rebecca knows her training, but … Continue reading

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