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Drabble: Another year, maybe more (Alias, Sydney/Rachel, PG)

Title: Another year, Maybe more Author: aphrodite_mine Info: for thrace_ Rating: PG 244 words Summary: Alias. Sydney/Rachel post finale It’s hard to consider yourself an adulteress when the government doesn’t acknowledge your existence, let alone your marriage. You’ve been our … Continue reading

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Drabble: Point Blank (Alias, Isabelle/Rachel, R)

Title: Point Blank The gun at her back is cold and hot at the same time, sending shivers up her spine, a strange spark of icy fire through her core as Isabelle Vaughan slowly raises her hands in an act … Continue reading

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Drabble: Marriage (Alias, Sydney/Rachel/Nadia, NC-17)

Title: Marriage Author: aphrodite_mine Info: For piperrhiannon’s prompt for femslash_today’s porn battle, Alias, Sydney/Rachel/Nadia, making it work. Nadia felt like the something borrowed I’d heard about brides needing to wear on their wedding day. She wasn’t mine, she never would … Continue reading

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