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FIC: Recuerdo (Repo, Mag/Marni, PG-13)

Title: Recuerdo Author: aphrodite_mine Info: for midnight_united Rating: PG-13 790 words Summary: Repo! Mag/Marni, AU. This time Marni doesn’t die. This time a lot of things are different, but the most important thing, Mag thinks, is that Marni doesn’t die. … Continue reading

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Drabble: Redux (Repo, Mag/Marni, PG)

Title: Redux Author: aphrodite_mine Fandom: Repo! the Genetic Opera Characters: Mag/Marni, Shilo Rating: PG She opens her eyes and felt that tug, like the first time, when the eyes flexed and stretched their machinery within her sockets, telling her that … Continue reading

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