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Drabble: All the young dudes (Juno, Juno/Mark, Juno/Bleeker, PG)

Title: All the young dudes (perfect isn’t good enough) Author: aphrodite_mine Summary: Juno writes to Vanessa because she’ll never be perfect. Other info: PG, Juno/Mark, Juno/Bleeker She writes Vanessa the note because it scares her. His hands on her waist … Continue reading

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Drabble: What Juno Loves (Juno, Juno/Mark, PG-13)

Drabble! It’s not that she loves him. She wouldn’t put it that way, per se. Saying she loves him makes it sound like one of those May-December things, because he’s old or whatever and she’s fresh out of high school, … Continue reading

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