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December Drabbles #9 – Making Arrangements (Big Love, Margene/Barb, PG)

December Drabbles #9 – Making Arrangements Big Love, Margene/Barb, sharing a bed (some Nicki/Barb, because I am an addict) prompt by piperrhiannon, random selection d20 by marxer, word count around 500 The first night is Barb’s night, and she doesn’t … Continue reading

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Drabble: Better (Big Love, Margene, PG)

Title: Better Author: Info: Big Love, Margene (hints of Margene/Barb and Margene/Nicki), PG, Spoilers for 2×01 She only wants to make things better. She only wants to make things okay. But the thing is; they aren’t. And she’s trying really … Continue reading

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