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FIC: Show You What You Really Need (X-Men, Kitty/Logan, PG-13)

Title: Show You What You Really Need Author: aphrodite_mine Summary: A brief history. Kitty/Logan (X-Men Movieverse) Info: PG-13, 1022 words Note: for peachgirldb – I owe her 2000 words, but I don’t really see that happening. Here’s what I have … Continue reading

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FIC: Waking (X-Men Evo, Rogue/Kitty, PG-13)

Title: Waking Author: MistressKitty Summary: Kitty doesn’t know what she’s doing Prompt: Communication Category: Evo!verse, pre-femslash, Rogue/Kitty Rogue woke slowly with the vague awareness that something wasn’t right. She first was aware of a foreign scent; not the clean smell … Continue reading

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