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Drabble: that i can stand less than you (Skins, Katie/Naomi, PG-13)

Title: that i can stand less than you Info: A wee Halloween drabble for shan_3414. Katie/Naomi. — Naomi’s gentle tugging of her hair is the only signal Katie gets that her sister’s ex isn’t just being a massive twat about … Continue reading

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FIC: All I Ever Wanted (Skins-Transatlantacism, Katie/Naomi, pg-13)

All I Ever Wanted [Z is for Zoo/zeal?, Katie/Naomi, Skins/Trans, for curt_tone; get well soon, S!] Katie sighs like she’s lost something, and when she speaks, you realize that in all probability, she has. That the mumbled conversation you and … Continue reading

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