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FIC: Family Business (The Pie Hole Remix) (Wonderfalls/Pushing Daisies, Gen, PG)

Title: Family Business (The Pie Hole Remix) Author: aphrodite_mine (written for remixredux09) Summary: Mystical forces send Jaye to The Pie Hole. Rating: PG Fandom: Wonderfalls/Pushing Daisies Spoilers and/or Warnings: general spoilers for both series Title, Author and URL of original … Continue reading

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FIC: Bar-hopping in Niagara Falls (Wonderfalls, Heidi, PG)

Title: Bar-hopping in Niagara Falls Author: aphrodite_mine Summary: A different spin on Heidi’s infamous return to Niagara Falls Category: Wonderfalls, comedy, Heidi’s POV Author’s Note: Written for my Creative Writing class, an audience which had no previous knowledge of Wonderfalls. … Continue reading

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