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Fanmix: teenage dream (Carrie, Norma/Chris, PG-13)

title: teenage dream; a norma/chris fanmix mixer/artist: aphrodite_mine story by: immortality for horrorbigbang note: general spoilers for “carrie” tracklisting: 1. opening to the sighs – goblin [instrumental] 2. past, present, and future – the shangri-las present, go out with you? … Continue reading

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Drabble: we are two planets dancing (The Ruins/The Uninvited, Amy/Anna, PG)

Title: we are two planets dancing Info: The Ruins/The Uninvited. Amy/Anna. For majesdane, who wanted any horror femslash. — She laughs. “Oh, no thank you,” she says, her voice filtering down the hallway. “No no thank you about it, Ms. … Continue reading

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Drabble: fading (The Ruins, Amy/Stacy, PG)

Title: fading Info: Amy/Stacy, The Ruins. For immortality. A series of photos. Photos somehow not covered and tinted with green. Photos aged, and clear, and pristine. First, they are five years old, looking at each other instead of the camera: … Continue reading

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FIC: Regeneration (Go-go) (Degrassi/Grindhouse, Alex/Paige, Alex/Cherry, R)

Title: Regeneration (Go-go) Summary: The infection spreads north, so Alex and Paige head south. Category: Degrassi the Next Generation/Grindhouse crossover, Alex/Paige, Alex/Cherry Darling Rating: R (for violence and sex) Word Count: 1,210 It was somewhere in Colorado when they ran … Continue reading

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