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Drabble: Kneading (Firefly, River/Kaylee, R)

Title: Kneading Author: aphrodite_mine Information: Written for the femslash_today Porn Battle. (more of a mini-drabble, actually, this one.) River on the bed, stretched out, elegant still. Hair pulled away from her long swan’s neck, breasts into the piles of blankets, … Continue reading

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FIC: Accomplice (Firefly, River/Kaylee, PG-13)

Title: Accomplice Author: Category: Firefly, River/Kaylee Note: Written for ‘s Too Hot for Plot ‘ficathon’ "What in the seven hells—Kaylee, get up here!" "Yessir, cap’n?" The air inside Serenity was thick and hot, but the mechanic still hurried up to … Continue reading

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