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FIC: Grasping (Rome, Octavia/Octavian, R)

Title: Grasping Author: Summary: Season 2 spoilers Category: Rome, Octavia/Octavian, mention of Octavia/Servilia Written for: , challenge Five of Swords She speaks the truth to her brother, Octavia is angry. With Servilia, with Brutus, with herself. Most of all, though, … Continue reading

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Drabble: La Petit (Pirates of the Caribbean, Elizabeth/Barbossa, R)

Title: La Petit Author: Aphrodite_mine Summary: The sea and the sky and death. 138 words. Category: Pirates of the Caribbean 1, Elizabeth/Barbosa Tarot: Death It was a little like dying, being on the sea again after so many years. Hours … Continue reading

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FIC: An Offering (Kushiel’s Legacy, Phedre/Nicola, R)

Title: An Offering Author: Aphrodite_mine Summary: Phedre has to find respite somewhere, it’s in her nature. Minor spoilers for Kushiel’s Scion, the latest book in the series. Fandom: Kushiel’s Legacy (book series by Jacqueline Carey) Pairing/Characters: Phedre no Delaunay/Nicola L’Envers … Continue reading

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FIC: Nothing Gold Can Stay (X-Men, Rogue, PG)

Title: Nothing Gold Can Stay Author: Summary: spoilers for X3, my own fanon Tarot: The Tower, for Fandom: X-Men Character/Pairing: Rogue She’s walking in a crowd, skin brushing against other skin without fear, empty smile on her face when it … Continue reading

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FIC: Over and Done (Clone High, Joan/JFK, PG-13)

Title: Over and Done Author: Summary: Joan laments her actions in the season finale, spoilers Fandom: Clone High Pairings/Characters: Joan/JFK, hints of Joan/Abe and Abe/Cleo Tarot: King of Wands (for ) Note: Clone High is one of the best shows … Continue reading

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