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FIC: broken images (the developing snapshot remix) (X-Men, various, PG-13)

Title: broken images (the developing snapshot remix) Author: Aphrodite_mine Summary: What comes after “X3” – for the cure, for the dead. Rogue/Bobby, Rogue/Logan, Rogue. Warnings: Het? Kissing? Time-jumping? Word Count: 1,800 more or less Spoilers: X-Men 3 Title, Author and … Continue reading

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FIC: X-Men United The Shirts & Gloves Remix (X-Men, Rogue/Various, G)

Title: X-Men United: The Shirts & Gloves Remix Author: MistressKitty Fandom: X-Men Movie Summary: Four little scenes missing from X2 involving Rogue, clothes and touch Rating: G Category: Hints of Rogue/Jean, Rogue/Bobby, Rogue/Wolverine and Rogue/Magneto Thanks: To Chachirinoda for the … Continue reading

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