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FIC: Grasping (Rome, Octavia/Octavian, R)

Title: Grasping Author: Summary: Season 2 spoilers Category: Rome, Octavia/Octavian, mention of Octavia/Servilia Written for: , challenge Five of Swords She speaks the truth to her brother, Octavia is angry. With Servilia, with Brutus, with herself. Most of all, though, … Continue reading

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Drabble: Snow (Rome, Octavia/Various, R)

Title: Snow Author: Information: Rome, Octavia (hints of Octavia/Octavian, Octavia/Servilia, Octavia/Glabius), R. Prompt for , Theme set VIII, 3 "Niveus", under the claim Octavia. Self-injury warning. It is a simple shard. But what it does shall bring redemption. It will … Continue reading

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Drabble: Discoveries (Alias, Isabelle/Sydney, Jack/Sydney, PG-13)

Discoveries Alias [Isabelle/Sydney, Jack/Sydney] Written for the Multi-Fandom Incestathon 2008 The first time Sydney catches her daughter at the puzzle, something drops in her stomach, and she’s not entirely sure how to identify the feeling but she labels it as … Continue reading

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