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Drabble: Safe (Castle, Alexis/Beckett, G)

Title: Safe For: for the girlslash comment ficathon, original link here. It’s bad. Bad in the kind of way that no one is saying so. Which makes it worse, almost, or it would, if Alexis didn’t decide to ignore it, … Continue reading

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FIC: X-Men United The Shirts & Gloves Remix (X-Men, Rogue/Various, G)

Title: X-Men United: The Shirts & Gloves Remix Author: MistressKitty Fandom: X-Men Movie Summary: Four little scenes missing from X2 involving Rogue, clothes and touch Rating: G Category: Hints of Rogue/Jean, Rogue/Bobby, Rogue/Wolverine and Rogue/Magneto Thanks: To Chachirinoda for the … Continue reading

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