Drabble: Sensory (X-Men First Class, Emma/Moira, PG)

Title: Sensory
Info: for st_aurafina

They meet again, years later.

In the dark alley of Moira’s mind, Emma slides up, cool and calm, a hand on Moira’s hip before she can move away. Moira arches her back, a cat, reaches for her gun.

“I’m surprised they let you keep that. I hear you’re rather unstable these days.”

Moira turns, knows that the diamond woman knows the move is coming, side-steps anyway.

“They’d look the other way if I killed you, you know.”

Emma makes a noise of disapproval. “You wouldn’t, though.” She steps closer and the space between them sears with heat. Moira swallows, cocks her gun.

Emma only smiles, licks the side of Moira’s neck, bites her earlobe.

In the dark alley, Moira thinks she hears a noise. The breeze should feel cold, but she’s suddenly warm everywhere.

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Writer/editor, caregiver.
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2 Responses to Drabble: Sensory (X-Men First Class, Emma/Moira, PG)

  1. st_aurafina says:

    I know you didn’t feel too happy about this, but I think it’s awesome – all dark and mental-landscapey and very hot. Yay! And thank you!

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