Drabble: Come on now, explode (Fringe, Astrid/Olivia, NC-17)

Title: Come on now, explode
Info: For Olivia. Astrid/Olivia, Fringe. No spoilers, but I’m still watching season 3. Forgive me if this is jossed unreasonably.

You could say that Walter made them do it. It wouldn’t be exactly, precisely true, but there was a truth to the statement, and if there was anything Astrid had learned in the last few years it was that there were many truths to consider at any given moment. It didn’t make any of them less true.

So if you said that Walter made them do it, you wouldn’t be wrong, but you’d be missing the rest of the story. To get to the rest of the story, Astrid thinks, you’d have to be Astrid yourself, and also Olivia, and that, Astrid thinks, is nearly impossible.

“Schrodinger’s cat,” Olivia volunteers, reading something in Astrid’s eyes that is a little like reading her mind. True and not true.

“You’ll forgive me if I’m not super concerned with the how and why at the moment,” Astrid gasps out, nearly biting her tongue as Olivia touches her — inside — right there.

“But you’re thinking about it, aren’t you?” Olivia asks, her voice perfectly calm, aside for a sharp hitch of breath, her eyes narrowing as she focuses.

“Maybe I’m a little –” Astrid swallows. “Curious.”

Olivia quirks the corner of her smile. “I’ve been curious for a while, if we’re being honest here.”

“A-about?” Astrid manages, tightening her grip on the edge of the lab table.

“You’re quite serious. I wondered what you’d be like, like this. Totally undone.” Olivia stills her fingers, watching Astrid’s face carefully, calculating. And Astrid can’t help it if she moans for more, or maybe she can. There are many truths to consider, like the angle her back makes as she arches into Olivia’s touch, like the taste of the ocean when Olivia’s mouth crashes into her own.

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2 Responses to Drabble: Come on now, explode (Fringe, Astrid/Olivia, NC-17)

  1. ozymandias95 says:

    Beautifully written. I could only wish that it was longer!

  2. brandytook says:

    Nice. I love the imagery in the closing line. And anyone writing Astrid/Olivia makes me swoon.

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