Drabble: that i can stand less than you (Skins, Katie/Naomi, PG-13)

Title: that i can stand less than you
Info: A wee Halloween drabble for shan_3414. Katie/Naomi.

Naomi’s gentle tugging of her hair is the only signal Katie gets that her sister’s ex isn’t just being a massive twat about this. Apparently, Katie’s being unreasonable and so fucking typical and “Halloween’s just a corporate invention designed to get young girls with their tits out ogled by men in some fucking ridiculous ‘rub my nuts for luck’ costume.”

Katie can’t help but laugh. “What the fuck are you even talking about?” She smacks Naomi gently on the shoulder. “It’s just a costume party. My costume party. And I want you there.”

“I don’t do Halloween, if I hadn’t made that already clear.” Naomi rubs at her shoulder, making a huge display out of Katie’s little tap.

Rolling her eyes, Katie settles in next to Naomi. Close. “I said I want you there.”

“Suppose you’ve already got some fucking horrible get up for me planned out.”

“Just wear this,” Katie squeezes Naomi’s corduroy-covered thigh. She smiles, maybe a little meanly, and bites at Naomi’s neck, right there in the courtyard. “You’ll blend right in.”


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2 Responses to Drabble: that i can stand less than you (Skins, Katie/Naomi, PG-13)

  1. observer1304 says:

    This is beautiful. You’re Naomi and Katie are wonderfully in charcter and almost cute at the same time.

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