Drabble: Cliche (Imagine Me & You, Rachel/Luce, PG)

Title: Cliche
Info: written for dollsome in the Gay As In Happy comment-a-thon. Prompt was Christmas.

Even as Luce is reaching for the box, Rachel let’s go a torrent of words, twisting her hands together in her lap and leaning closer to her girlfriend. “I know it’s terribly cliche, doing this in the holidays, but I couldn’t think of a better time, honestly, because I don’t want this to have anything to do with the last time and…” the words drop off as Luce’s fingers finally work the paper undone.

“A ring,” she says, her voice thick. Luce runs a fingertip (calloused from handling flowers) over the top of it, a graceful circle decorated with inset diamonds, a ruby in the center. “You know, I thought you were done with marriage.” The words come out in a husky rush, as if Luce is afraid of what they mean.

Rachel settles against Luce with a sigh. “Not if the right one came along, mm?” She slides her hand against Luce’s, plucks the ring from its casing. She offers it to Luce’s bare finger, a tentative smile blooming on her face.

“You would go and ask me first, before I had the chance to sort you out.” Luce shakes her head, but a smile starts there as well. The ring fits; some devilish handiwork on Rachel’s part. Luce turns her hand this way and that in the light, the white catching, then the red. “It’s a yes, by the way.”

Rachel squeezes Luce’s hand, nudges her way in for a kiss. “Happy Christmas,” she whispers.

“Happy always.”

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  1. Michelle says:

    Darling. 🙂

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