Drabble: (i’m not) one small atomic bomb (Sucker Punch, Rocket/Baby Doll, PG-13)

Title: (i’m not) one small atomic bomb
Info: Originally posted at for the Sucker Punch Kink Meme, but I’m not afraid of identifying myself, and I’m actually pretty proud of this. Response to “Baby Doll/Rocket, showing her the ropes” – original link. Brothel-verse.

Rocket shrugs, smiles. “I know it’s scary, but we’ll help you.” She hands Baby Doll a broom, taking a dust cloth for herself. Baby Doll doesn’t say anything. “We all have jobs, in addition to the dancing, and… the other stuff,” Rocket continues as they walk down the hall. “Like, one day you might be assigned to scrub the floors. They can get pretty dirty. Or help in the kitchen.” She pauses, suddenly seeing in her mind the way Cook looks at her while she peels potato after potato. “I get that job a lot.”

Baby Doll finds a corner and starts sweeping. It’s halfhearted. It’ll have to be redone. “Does it always feel so awful?” she asks.

“Which part?” Rocket laughs, not cruelly. Instead of waiting for an answer, she strides over to Baby Doll and puts her hands over the other girl’s on the broom. “Look, you’re going to have to put a little more ‘oomph’ into it if you don’t want to get in trouble.”

Baby Doll lets go, and watches Rocket take over, her arms hanging limply at her sides. Her eyes are like cool fire, and Rocket focuses on the back and forth of the broom and the little hurricanes of dust that fly up around Baby Doll’s feet. She hands the broom back, and lingers a little too long.

“No,” Rocket finally answers, “It doesn’t always feel this awful. Not if you play your cards right, not if you make friends with the right people.” Her thumb brushes over Baby Doll’s knuckles, and she smiles.

Baby Doll doesn’t say anything, but her eyes change. There is a softness in her face, some small muscle in her mouth fighting for dominance over a smile.
Rocket doesn’t think (she rarely does) but leans in for a quick taste. “You’ll recognize the moments of paradise when you find them.”

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