Fanmix and Drabble: my manic and i (Black Swan, Nina/Lily, NR)

Title: my manic and i
Compiler: aphrodite_mine
Info: Black Swan, post-movie, Nina/Lily. For theroyal_e.

1. I Clipped Your Wing – Michael Nyman
2. Such Great Heights – Iron & Wine
3. Pirouette – Lisa Mitchell
4. My Manic and I – Laura Marling
5. Midnight Swim – Javier Navarette
Download here

Nina holds her breath and pulls herself through the pounds of pressure and water over her, pressing down on her lungs. Her heart starts up again, slow at first, sluggish. She can feel herself flying in reverse, her fingertips grazing the warmth of a cheek.
There, on a precipice again.
She falls back onto the hospital bed, counting out the rhythm of a heart monitor.
“You scared us all, you know. The whole company, practically is waiting outside.” Lily’s voice. She cups Nina’s hand in hers, a layer of heat. Caught like a butterfly in a safety net.
“I’m not afraid,” Nina says. She can feel her skin again.


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Writer/editor, caregiver.
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