Drabble: You’re moving through glass alone (Mad Men, Betty, PG-13)

You’re moving through glass alone
by aphrodite_mine
Info: Mad Men, season 2 finale. Title from the song Junkyard Heart by Juliette Lewis. Betty Draper. Alone.

She can still feel him, this awkward size, this strange warmth inside of her when nothing else felt warm. The way he smelled, somehow clean against the musty couch. Her hair, flattening against the cushions with each rough thrust, her dress around her waist, layers of fabric wrinkled and smelling, later, like the stale piss of the mens’ room.

After that day on the couch, her couch, in the daylight, there is no blood, and she prays for it. This is not a good time, she thinks, and again, catches her heartbeat speeding up when her stomach cramps.

She’ll wake up on a beach somewhere, or amidst a flurry of snow. An old record on the player, skipping.

About aphroditemine

Writer/editor, caregiver.
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