December Drabbles #5 – our breath in winter (Runaways RPF, Dakota/Kristen, PG-13)

December Drabbles #5 – our breath in winter
Runaways RPF, Dakota/Kristen, how about that they are the secret couple while the world thinks they are both straight and that KStew is with Rob
prompt by suicideblonde, random selection K18 by Johnny, word count 100.

Folding the cover back and again, fingering the crease. Twilight Stars’ Romantic Get Away. A kiss, caught, nearly, behind a palm tree, arms connecting across his back. I can see what they can’t, the stiffness in her body where my thumbnail scratches through the glossy paper. Spaces between them where breaths escape, where lies get through.
Put that shit away, she tells me, sliding a cool hand around my wrist. Placating the nation’s sense of stability and hetero-whatever.
I know. I know. But I let her tell me anyway, her lips against mine making the story better, always.

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