December Drabbles #2 – Open Invitation (Juno, Juno/Vanessa, PG)

December drabbles #2 – Open Invitation
Juno, Juno/Vanessa – growing
prompt via piperrhiannon, random selection G25 via Marxer
Note: I have a fundamental issue with the… politics presented in this drabble. Thus, I am really not happy with this piece. But, with less than an hour to go in the day, I needed to get something written. If you would prefer to read a (non-shippy, sadly) post-movie piece about Juno, I would rather that you read one thing I recall is my birth. That said, if this is your cup of tea, enjoy. /cryptic

“This is Vanessa.”
“The card said to RSVP, so. Yo.”
“Juno? I… wasn’t sure if I had the address right.”
“Yeah. Well.”
“I’m not trying to be intrusive, Juno, I just. Five is a big birthday, and he’s been curious about you. He’s in a curious stage, I think. Exploring things.”
“Five, huh? That’s the, uh, the plastic birthday, according to ancient lore. Does he like trucks or something equally charming and generic?”
“Music, actually. And frogs.”
“And you need an answer now; a firm yes or no kind of thing?”
“No, no. Take–take your time.”
“I totally prefer chocolate cake, if you’re like, wondering what to order. You know. Just in case.”

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