Fanmix: i’ll fly away (Big Love, Nicki Grant, NR)

Fanmix: I’ll Fly Away
Info: Nicki Grant, NR. Spoilers for 4×06 (image under cut)

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Nicki Grant – I’ll Fly Away
by aphrodite_mine
1. Emilie Autumn – Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
2. Neko Case – Holy to the Lord
3. Robert Plant & Alison Krauss – Nothin’
4. David Bowie – Modern Love
5. Mirah/The Black Cat Orchestra – Hard Times
6. Regina Spektor – Real Love
7. The Muses – Down to the River to Pray
8. The Swell Season – Feeling the Pull
9. Spring Awakening – I Believe
10. Kim Wilde – You Keep Me Hangin On
11. Allison Krauss – I’ll Fly Away
Thoughts behind the mix: Right now, Nicki is fraught with the different influences in her life. She grew up on the compound, and she grew up far too quickly. I included some 80s music and covers to represent that time in Nicki’s life, and now, as she tries to recover it. Pervasive through the mix is the theme of folk belief: Nicki has always clung to her system of belief and now more than ever she is struggling to find where she fits into that system. Additionally, there are some songs that fit the mix tonally, which support Nicki’s mindset–pulling away from the family, struggling to find her place.

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