Fanmix: it’ll fall just like you said (Twin Peaks, Cooper/Audrey, NR)

Fanmix: it’ll fall just like you said
Compiler: aphrodite_mine
Info: Twin Peaks, Agent Cooper/Audrey Horne, NR

the bird and the bee – Please don’t stop the music

Your hands around my waist
Just let the music play
We’re hand in hand, chest to chest and now we’re face to face

Scott ‘Starfire’ Lunt – You Spin Me Round

I, I got be your friend now, baby
And I would like to move in
Just a little bit closer
(little bit closer)

The Hush Sound – The Boys are Too Refined

And if the timing is right
To sneak off into the night
I’ll let myself be taken just for the thrill
And If I’m given the chance
To be a dollanasans
I will be sure to shake the mountains round these ends

Syd Matters – Big Moon

been through hate and redemption
big moon, big moon
look out, they’re’ll be a connection
real soon, real soon

Cat Power – Blue

Hey Blue, there is a song for you
Ink on a pin
Underneath the skin
An empty space to fill in
Well there’re so many sinking now
You’ve got to keep thinking
You can make it thru these waves

Halloween, Alaska – All The Arms Around You

We descend so easily
Give it up for short-term memory
Fight your nature if you can
And hope for heaven where we land

Florence and the Machine – Cosmic Love

I took the stars from our eyes, and then I made a map
And knew that somehow I could find my way back
Then I heard your heart beating, you were in the darkness too
So I stayed in the darkness with you

Cooper/Audrey/Laura – Bonus Track
Barcelona – Get Up, Get Up, Get Up

Crawling on the ash, she’s pitiful.
She lost her sense of light; she has to hold my hand.
Had I known we might be two kids without their jackets.
My fear would come alive, I wouldn’t loathe her now.
She might not make home tonight.

Download here [music provided for sampling purposes]

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