Drabble: You know what makes my heart beat (Skins, Naomi/Emily, R)

Title: You Know what Makes My Heart Beat
Author: aphrodite_mine
Info: Skins, Naomi/Emily (WTF SELF)
Note: Inspiration and title from Royksopp’s “Happy Up Here”
[Y is for Yearn: Naomi/Emily (Skins) for meee *STABBITY*]

Naomi can’t get the music loud enough to drown out her thoughts. At a certain point, the throbbing stops meaning rhythm and notes and simply dissolves into “Emily” and “want” and “so fucking gay.” So she turns it up again, at the risk of blowing out her carefully cultivated eardrums.
In a few minutes, her mum’s going to be pounding on the door to her bedroom, shouting through the noise to “turn that electronic trollop down, for Christ’s sake,” but for a moment, Naomi just leans her head against the speakers and lets it all wash over her, even if she hates what every beat of the music is telling her, or maybe, what she’s telling herself.
If she could just–forget. For fuck’s sake. Not only does she know everything about the girl, but she’s suddenly become incredibly brilliant at muscle memory, and even when she shuts down the stereo in frustration and the silence thrums through her she can feel the ghosts of Emily’s fingers on her cunt and she gasps hard, doubling over, whispering “Fuck,” to the aching air.
There’s not enough noise in the world to make this go away, not enough bottles either.
She’s shaking.

About aphroditemine

Writer/editor, caregiver.
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