Drabble: You and I know what happened here (Skins, Effy/Tony, PG)

You and I know what happened here
Takes place during 3×8 – Effy
[D is for Drugs, Skins, Effy/Tony, for curt_tone]

Effy is part of the earth; lying on it tonight, watching the stars dissolve. Everything is under gravity’s pull and she’s startled to know that she is here. There’s a place in the center of her vision where the branches reach out and blend into night. Darkness is everywhere, darkness is inside her. She breathes it in.
Where is Tony tonight? Drinking shots off the breasts of university girls, snorting powder in a dingy hallway, sleeping alright, curled in bed.
He’s under her eyelids and between her lips. The sky curls away at the corners, and that’s where they’ll meet. When morning comes.

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Writer/editor, caregiver.
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