Drabble: Orbital decay (Skins, Effy/Naomi, PG)

Drabble: Orbital decay
by aphrodite_mine
Effy/Naomi; blue; midnight, for B
200 words

A series of definitions arise through what she lacks: 1) Naomi has no father (figure), fashion sense, free time. 2) She isn’t gay, isn’t straight, isn’t bi, isn’t pansexual, whatever-the-fuck that entails, and no, she really would rather you toss off than try and figure it out. 3) She isn’t dating Emily, or any other clingy redhead. She isn’t dating anyone, isn’t interested.
They’re hardly an identifiable as a group anymore, everyone applied to a simple label. Simple enough, at least. Emily is the lesbian, Katie the slut. Freddie the stoner, JJ the mental case. Cook is crazy, Pandora is useless, Thomas is nice, simple. Maybe there’s more, maybe not. When people break up, so do friendships, and Naomi never expected to gain anything from losing her heart.
Effy is the only other who isn’t.
It troubles Naomi, sometimes. Not that she doesn’t know who Effy is; she likes that, almost, but that they’re both alone, both circling. She might ask JJ about orbits and collisions, but doesn’t. She knows that Effy isn’t 1) a friend, friendly, focused. 2) In love, seeking love, seeking anything.
Naomi pictures them as masses of nothing, instead, hurtling dark and light, around the earth.

About aphroditemine

Writer/editor, caregiver.
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