Drabble: Obvious (The Office, Jim/Karen/Pam, PG-13)

[O is for Obvious, The Office, Jim/Karen/Pam, for piperrhiannon]

“I want to do something really awesome for Jim’s birthday.”
“Okay. Like. Here, at the office, right? Party Planning to the rescue.”
“I’m pretty sure that anything we came up with to do here wouldn’t quite hit awesome, no offense to us.”
“Oh, none taken.”
“Are you free after five?”
“Today? I am. What do you have in mind?”
“Top secret. They’re always listening.”

“Okay, so I was thinking, and Jim totally loves these old Nickelodeon cartoons, and you might not know about it since the two of you really haven’t been dating that long, and maybe some kind of a theme party would be really hilarious.”
“I want us to have a threesome.”
“So, not the childhood theme.”
“Very much not.”
“Karen, this is quite possibly a horrible idea.”
“I know that. I also know that it’s completely, utterly, obvious.”

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