Drabble: Circumlocution (Twin Peaks/The Inside, Audrey, Rebecca, PG)

By aphrodite_mine
Info: Twin Peaks/The Inside, Audrey Horne, Rebecca Locke, PG.

“How’d you escape?”
Rebecca looks up from her exam with a look of irritation. “I don’t know what you mean.”
“From the man who held you captive. I read your file.”
She swallows, but manages to keep her face all-but emotionless. “That’s classified, Ms Horne.”
Audrey smirks, setting her pencil on back-end and twirling it slightly, watching the eraser marks pink across the paper. “I have resources.”
“And I don’t appreciate being disrupted during a test.”
A giggle. “Surely nothing can faze Special-Agent-In-Training Locke-Stock-and-Barrel.” She raises an eyebrow, ducks her face into Rebecca’s line of vision, splits her mouth into a smile.
Rebecca fills in an oval. “I suppose not.”
The quiet resumes—a false quiet. Audrey finishes fast and tucks her pencil behind her ear. She leans back in her chair, crosses her feet at the ankles and turns to Rebecca again.
“How’d you escape, Becky? I’d really, genuinely like to know.”
And her eyes say something real, like for the first time they’re speaking the same language.

About aphroditemine

Writer/editor, caregiver.
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