FIC: When he heard their beautiful song (Degrassi, Darcy/Snake/Emma, NC-17)

Title: When he heard their beautiful song
Author: aphrodite_mine
Info: Degrassi, Darcy/Snake/Emma, NC-17. Title is a line from The Odyssey.

An awkward dinner, begun with the attempt of making amends, but ending with Spike scooping Jack out of his booster seat and going for “a long drive” – her tone indicating something much more serious. She must have seen the way Snake’s eyes traveled the table. She must have seen the way Darcy watched in return.
“I’m sorry,” Darcy says, while Emma clears the table. Under the table, she moves her hand to brush against his, a gesture which could be taken as accidental.
“You’re forgiven,” Snake replies. He swings around in his chair when a crash sounds at the sink. Emma knocks plates together, fists tight.
“You think a few words will make things better?” she asks, voice straining. “You think things can just go back to the way they were?”
“Of course they can’t,” Snake says, soothing. He leaves a soft look on Darcy’s cheek, rising to touch Emma’s shoulders.
Emma breaths in long and slow. “We should go upstairs. All of us.” She takes another breath. “There are things that take more than words.”

Darcy has one hand between them, gripping him, the other at his shoulder. She takes a moment, staring at the pattern on the wall above his bed, but then catches her breath and looks down into his eyes. His eyes are what saved her.
As she guides him into her, Emma, behind her, not to be ignored, brushes Darcy’s hair back and tips her chin for a kiss. Darcy sinks down, slow, slowly now, her heart rushing as she wonders how he can fill her so perfectly, and her breath won’t come back, lost in Emma’s throat, their tongues tangled. Emma’s fingers laced with her step-father’s, embracing Darcy’s perfect breasts, with Emma’s own pressed against Darcy’s back.
Snake tries not to move, to wait for Darcy to give him a sign, for her to stop holding him so tightly. Even now, he’s worried she might break.
Emma nuzzles Darcy’s neck, flicking her tongue over the pulse, feeling its heat. She sees Snake’s hesitancy, his body wound like a knot. She runs a daring finger down Darcy’s spine, feeling her shiver, then moves underneath the girl who has threatened Simpsons livelihood, making them enemies… She strokes first the edge of Darcy’s labia, using the tips of her fingernails, then how she’s always wanted to, gently cups Snake’s balls in her palm, rolling them, making him groan.
“She’s ready, Daddy. Can’t you tell how wet she is? Your precious Darcy.” Emma can feel it on her fingers, making them sticky. Darcy blushes and shivers, seeing Snake’s eyes darken. He moves his hands to her hips and she feels safer than she should.
With a groan – no one knows from who – they become a frenzied mass of movement. Snake thrusting, suddenly, deep inside of Darcy, his hands holding her tight, bringing her back down to him. Darcy mewling and scratching love letters down Snake’s stomach as she arches her back and curls her toes. And Emma, like a nymph behind and between them, pressing kisses and fingers and finally, sitting back and sliding her own fingers into herself.
Darcy’s hair catches the lamplight and Snake’s hands tighten as he comes with a low moan.

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Writer/editor, caregiver.
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