Drabble: To end up together in some dark and distant place (Degrassi, Darcy/Snake, NC-17)

Title: To end up together in some dark and distant place
Author: aphrodite_mine
Info: Degrassi, Darcy/Snake, NC-17
Note: Title is a line from "Arienette" by Bright Eyes. Post "Live to Tell."

Somehow, her apology gets confused. It tangles in her mouth like cotton and the only way to free it is with his tongue. The way she whispers "Snake" falls out of her like a healing balm, like his cool palm against her shoulder, her side. Calloused fingers repair the wounds, stitching her back together, making her whole.
"I had to lie," she says, her jacket falling to the floor. "I couldn’t tell anyone. They can’t know, they can’t see."
He’s quiet. He sees her.
"I’m sorry things are so complicated," she says, looking down. She doesn’t know why she’s here. She doesn’t know what use there is in this world for a broken girl.
She lets him touch the broken pieces of her and they sing. Her body sings when all its done for months is moan and rend and weep. Her skin rejoices, finds faith, finds rapture.
For moments the world consists of her and him. His eyes kind but bright, her body mending slowly – her breasts under his hands, the crux of her thighs needing his blessing, needing to feel the friction of heat.
And now she’s glad that her ring is gone, because this is more beautiful than she’d ever dared to imagine. When she clings to his shoulders and he whispers "Oh, Darcy," and she doesn’t know the tears are running down her face and she’s shaking and he pulls back to wipe her cheeks with his rough thumb, she knows. She knows that it shouldn’t be this way, shouldn’t be wonderful.
But she’s never felt as safe as she does in his arms, never as clean, as good. He looks uncertain with her tiny hand on his face, but smiles when she says, this time, "I’m not sorry at all."

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Writer/editor, caregiver.
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