Drabble: Redux (Repo, Mag/Marni, PG)

Title: Redux
Author: aphrodite_mine
Fandom: Repo! the Genetic Opera
Characters: Mag/Marni, Shilo
Rating: PG

She opens her eyes and felt that tug, like the first time, when the eyes flexed and stretched their machinery within her sockets, telling her that this very disastrous flashing and whiteness was normal, normal, normal, even though a procedure like this was unprecedented, and there was Marni, without even speaking or a touch to confirm it, hair back in a twist–that is what hair looks like–looks! Looks!
And it happens again, seventeen years between, Marni again, only no, Marni is gone, this. A sense-memory, stirred up by the push-pull of machinery, or something tugging at neurons, sparking a struggling breath, caught like a canary in her chest.
Worlds, like atoms, collide in a matter of seconds, and the notes crash in her throat. Marni is in the front row, grinning from beyond the grave, twisting her hands with joy, and she’s so small, and Mag’s never imagined her this small. There are things that she knows, and there are things her eyes won’t let her forget. Her eyes, and other senses, too. She was never truly blind.
She snips the ribbon, knowing what it means. Still, it means something new, now, now that there is a Shilo in the world. It means that nothing is over, even though everything is. That when she hears Marni in every breath she takes, the truth is there, lurking behind each corner.
Mag reaches out to touch it, the future, and ends up stumbling into the past. Shilo leaves her gasping and standing against a wrought-iron door, and her heart says Marni, and her eyes say yield for nothing, but she goes and the end comes. The last vision before her eyes is a field of faces, not Marni, not Shilo, though machinery and sense-memory tells her that the story doesn’t stop with this moment, falling from the painted sky.

About aphroditemine

Writer/editor, caregiver.
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