Drabble: Better than Good (United States of Tara, T/Kate, PG-13)

Title: Better than Good
Author: Aphrodite_mine
Info: United States of Tara, pre-finale, T/Kate, PG-13, for poisonarrows.

“Shit,” T says, stretching the word out like she does her body, slinking into the living room and flinging herself onto the couch, kicking her flip flops onto the floor and hanging her feet off of the armrest. “I sure could use some pot.”
Kate finds herself amused at T’s latest round of hemming and hawing over Mom’s domestic drama. Of course, T’s the only one who finds T easier to deal with in the long run. Well, maybe Dad. Kate’s seen the kind of looks that T tosses around. But then, that’s pretty disgusting. At least with, well, Buck, she doesn’t have to think about that sort of thing. Buck’s seriously serious about his heterosexuality. Which… maybe means that Mom’s a little gay?
And wow. Normal teenagers shouldn’t think about this stuff. About gayness or their mothers running around in men’s clothing or raiding their closets. Though, the latter is probably the least of Kate’s worries, at least at the moment.
“I know you, Kate. You’ve totally got the hook up.” It’s a little sad that T is wearing Kate’s bra, Kate’s old tank top, Kate’s jeans, and… god-damn-it, Kate’s thong—and wearing them all better than Kate does. The hair is a little weird, however. Kate doesn’t say anything, though, or else her mom would be hotter than she was. Fucking lame.
Kate offers T a little shake of the head. “You know, T, I don’t think you’re cool enough for my stash.”
Oh, a blow to the ego! T jumps to her feet, breasts bouncing. “What? Oh, no way! Katie, I have totally got your back. I know where your mom hides the good liquor.”
Kate narrows her eyes. “Wait, like what? Old wine and shit?”
“Hell no! Wine is for old people!”
Which, of course, causes Kate to laugh, despite herself. It might actually be fun to get totally wrecked with her mom. Even if… it’s not, well. Even if T’s not exactly her mom. Maybe she’s better. In a way.

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Writer/editor, caregiver.
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