Drabble: Another year, maybe more (Alias, Sydney/Rachel, PG)

Title: Another year, Maybe more
Author: aphrodite_mine
Info: for thrace_
Rating: PG
244 words
Summary: Alias. Sydney/Rachel post finale

It’s hard to consider yourself an adulteress when the government doesn’t acknowledge your existence, let alone your marriage. You’ve been our of the loop for years now, but you know that Rachel’s name would be hard to find aside from a few secure locations, so its like she doesn’t exist either. And yet the two of you are very real, here, in this place, where no one knows who you are. Or, they think they do. They know Misses Rochester and Warren, the vacationing couple from Europe. They know to look down or away when the Misses grab hands or kiss because as acceptable as these things have become, everyone likes their privacy.
In a week and three days you’ll catch a flight to a desolate airport, to a private helicopter, to a boat home. Rachel will wait here for her next assignment and you won’t hear from her for another year, maybe more. That’s just how things are. Miss Warren will make sandwiches for her children and Miss Rochester will dodge bullets and seduce strangers.
You catch her watching while you change into a gown for dinner. Her eyes stun you, and the sand between your toes is forgotten. You ask her to zip you up, and she does, her fingers against your spine making you weak like the first time. Her breath against your lips for just a moment before – a knock at the door – time to go. Always time to go.

About aphroditemine

Writer/editor, caregiver.
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