Drabble: All the young dudes (Juno, Juno/Mark, Juno/Bleeker, PG)

Title: All the young dudes (perfect isn’t good enough)
Author: aphrodite_mine
Summary: Juno writes to Vanessa because she’ll never be perfect.
Other info: PG, Juno/Mark, Juno/Bleeker

She writes Vanessa the note because it scares her.
His hands on her waist and their bodies swaying. Her body bowed into his, his mouth quirked. The music making her fingers clench, her heart speed up.
Actually, its the first thing that’s scared her since the pink plus sign and the uncertainty in Bleeker’s eyes as she wondered if residual pipe tobacco would make the kid into a mutant.
It scares her when Mark looks into her eyes and she wants to kiss him and move closer and she thinks that it could be perfect. Perfect.
And that word scares her. Because Juno has never been perfect.
Especially now, when she’s puffy and leaking and over-emotional. Not even Bleeker made her feel perfect.
He made her feel normal. Not freakish like the other kids seemed to think – though she hadn’t done much to dispel those gas station hold up rumors.
Bleeker made her feel okay. He makes her feel good. There’s a place for normal, good. She wishes normal and good made her blood pump. Wishes normal and good make her want to hide her face from the sun because it’s more beautiful than she knows how to look at.
Mark’s different. Mark makes her feel like a rare diamond.
Something that you’d spend hours shopping for online. Maybe even going to the store. Something precious. Something a husband buys for his wife.
Which is why she writes the note.
Because perfect isn’t her. It’s something she doesn’t know how to be.
Doesn’t know how to ask for.
But she thinks she’d find it in his hands, his smile.
She hopes someone will.

About aphroditemine

Writer/editor, caregiver.
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