Drabble: A matter of course (Degrassi, Darcy/Snake, R)

Title: A matter of course
Author: aphrodite_mine
Info: Degrassi, Darcy/Snake, non-con, written for takemeback

She gives him the hotel name, room number innocently. She doesn’t think he’ll actually come. She knows he’ll come. It’s in his eyes, it’s in her eyes.
When she gives him the coffee, he should suspect. He doesn’t suspect.
Tying him to the bed she thinks, I wish he were struggling. He doesn’t struggle. He barely breathes.
It takes longer than she thought. Between the drugs and the bed, his body isn’t responding how she’d like. He says Darcy, like he’d say Careful or Hang on, but he doesn’t say Darcy like he’d say Stop.
She’s not ready for how he tastes, for skin. He jerks against the scarves. A better man, she says, could break free. He doesn’t want to, but he grows hard.
She cuts his wrist afterwards, wanting the blood to be like poetry. Wanting it to wash her clean. It’s red and everywhere and he keeps saying Darcy and she’s sobbing and she can’t find and towel so she kisses the wound over and over. I’ll make it better. I’ll make it better.

About aphroditemine

Writer/editor, caregiver.
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