Drabble: Untitled (Pirates of the Caribbean, Elizabeth/Barbossa, R)


There are many things she doesn’t like to think about, late at night, cradled in the arms of the sea. She doesn’t like when her mind takes her to certain places, places that shout accusations, places that replay the destruction of the Black Pearl, the thousand arms of the Kracken rising from the sea. She bars her mind from those thoughts that recall the way Jack’s lips felt against hers and the rough skin of his wrists as she shackled him to his ship.
After all, she had a new captain now, a new mission. If it made her fickle to follow under her new captain than so be it. Sometimes she pondered over Will’s fate, but he had never been cut out for this life, the life of a pirate. And Elizabeth found that she was.
She manned the deck, tugging the ropes and the sails just as hard and as ruthless as a one of them. And when night fell, she banished those thoughts of her past from her mind with harsh fingers at her hips, insistent lips and teeth at her breasts and a cold grin in the dark.

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Writer/editor, caregiver.
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