Drabble: One in the Same (Rome, Octavia/Livia, R)

Title: One in the Same
Author: aphrodite_mine
Summary: During the years between “A Necessary Fiction” and “No God…,” Octavia/Livia, hints of Octavia/Octavian
Information: For 5_fabulae, my claim is Octavia, this fills prompt 1, “familia” for Theme set VIII.

Livia tastes like a tart grape, finely milled bread, and perhaps faintly of your brother.

“Join me in the bath, won’t you, sister?” Her voice was cool, intending to calm rather than to startle.
You followed the line of her shoulder with your eyes, down into the teal folds of her dress and nodded, thoughtfully.
“I thought perhaps we could get to know each other a little better,” she said, turning away from you to lower her dress. You would have been blind to miss the scars crossing her back, and you bit your lip. You doubted there was a proper etiquette for this situation, and even had there been, you doubted that it could have been followed.
You turned away yourself, breaking your gaze upon her broken skin for a moment to undo your own clasps. You wondered where the slaves had gone when you held your gown out for one to collect, but upon meeting her eyes you understood immediately and set the dress upon the floor.
“How do you find life with my brother?” The water was slightly too cold as you stepped into the bath, quickly submerging yourself up to the neck, feeling the loose ends of your curls float on the surface.
“I find it fine,” she replied, her eyes gentle but her hands finding yours and becoming slightly too hard, her nails finding your inner thigh.

She comes with her thighs gripped tightly against your ears, pressing against you, hands wound in your hair, pulling you towards her, demanding even after her release. You wonder if you have tasted a goddess or a demon, or if Livia is one in the same.

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