Drabble: Memor (Rome, Octavia/Octavian, PG-13)

Title: Memor
Author: aphrodite_mine
Summary: Octavia remembers. Prompt for rome100: Past.

She doesn’t like to think about it, understandably. She’s grown; matured a lot since then, since seducing her brother for information, since lying with him, naked, avoiding his eyes. She doesn’t like to return to that place, when she was so desperate for Servilia’s adoration that she denied everything that she held sacred and still felt a twinge of pleasure as she watched her brother go hard for her.
The crowd below cries out his name, “Augustus, Augustus,” and she allows herself, for the briefest of moments, to remember that this god which the people behold has come inside her.

About aphroditemine

Writer/editor, caregiver.
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