Drabbles: Broken, Breaking (The Inside, Rebecca/Various, R)

Title: Broken
Info: The Inside, Rebecca/Angelica dysfunctional love!
Notes: I actually think I’m mixing The Inside and CSI here, but bear with me.
Spoilers: for 1×12: Gem
For: fembuck

Don’t get attached to your cases. Rebecca knows her training, but Web asks the opposite of her every day, forcing her to get inside the victim’s head until sometimes she doesn’t know if she’ll be able to escape.
Once it’s over, let it go. Rebecca knows it was wrong to give Angelica her phone number. Wrong to hold her so close, wrong to feel like holding on long after it was time to let go.
Maintaining relationships with vics is against the rules. Rebecca shouldn’t be here, and neither should Angelica. They shouldn’t be naked, pressed together, mouths gasping for air and for each other. Their two broken bodies held so close together, tangled so tightly almost make a whole. They breathe as one, breaking all the rules, and Rebecca doesn’t know how to go home again alone.

Title: Breaking
Info: The Inside, Mel/Rebecca
Notes: follows Broken
for: fembuck

When you arrive at work the next morning and Rebecca still isn’t there you know something’s wrong. Web has this depraved, sly, little grin on his face and you corner him behind his desk demanding “What did you do to her, Web?”
You know that he has finally broken her. You’ve joked in the past about what a fragile creature she is, but you know how true it is. And Web plays with that fragility, fucking with you all, but Rebecca the most.
And it’s been two days and Web looks cool as ever but you think you’re gonna lose it when he says he has no idea what you’re talking about.

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