Drabble: What Karolina Loves (Runaways, Nico/Karolina, PG)

Drabble: What Karolina Loves
For midnight_united

Karolina doesn’t suppose that she knows much anymore, not these days. Not with things like time travel and gender-bending betrothals. But she knows that she loves Nico. No matter how many times she tries to say Xavin in her head, it comes out Nico. And she knows it, and Xavin knows it. And that makes it horrible.
She supposes that she could blame all the upheval. All the crazyness these past months, with losing Gert, and Xavin literally coming for her out of the sky. Maybe she just wants something to cling to. Something familiar. Something that doesn’t change on a whim the way Xavin’s skin does.
But maybe that’s just a stupid excuse. Maybe Karolina’s known that all along.

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