Drabble: What Juno Loves (Juno, Juno/Mark, PG-13)


It’s not that she loves him. She wouldn’t put it that way, per se. Saying she loves him makes it sound like one of those May-December things, because he’s old or whatever and she’s fresh out of high school, and it’s so totally not like that.
So she doesn’t say she loves him. And she doesn’t tell people that this Mark is the same Mark who would have, had circumstances been different, been the adoptive parent of her kid. Because, seriously, that’s none of their business. And circumstances aren’t different. They are very much… not.
And really, who gives a damn if she sleeps in Mark Loring’s bed or in her dorm room? Other than her dad and Brenda and maybe LB and Leah, but that was just to type out a lot of curse words and exclamation points in her latest email. And Juno supposes her new on-campus buddies like Lucas-the-pot-fiend and Janet-who-works-on-the-newspaper probably care, but she doesn’t say she loves him. So its not a big deal.
Except sometimes when the moon shines through his man-curtains (because he can’t even kid himself, there are fucking man-curtains on his windows) and she laces her fingers with his and they breathe the same air. Maybe then she says it. Whispered. Sort of. Maybe.

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