Drabble: Tumbling Into (Buffy, Tara/Drusilla, NC-17)

Drabble: Tumbling Into
Info: Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Tara/Drusilla.
Rating: NC-17
For: Ion_bond who’s second choice was T/D ^_^

She remembers all too well the feeling of madness. Except for that feeling of helplessness, sometimes she wishes that she could return to that place, to the oblivion. So as Tara presses her tongue to Drusilla’s clit and sucks, she wishes that she were racing off to the same horizon that the vampire beauty is raving about.
She smiles at the fluttery hands pressing at intervals to the back of her sweat-laced hair. Tara hums into her lover, a wordless tune, rakes her nails down Drusilla’s back and ass under her lacy dress.
“I can see stars, darling,” Dru moans.

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