Drabble: Change (Runaways, Gert/Karolina, PG)

Title: Change
Author: aphrodite_mine
Summary: If the Runaways gang never knew about their parents and just went along as normal… A year later.
Info: Runaways. Gert/Karolina. A birthday drabble for jadedblue

Another year’s gone by and, big surprise, Gert is sitting on the couch in the Wilder’s rec room bored, bored, bored. Apparently being eighteen doesn’t get you out of this doom either, because Chase is still in attendance and looking royally pissed about it. Gert looks at Molly, sprawled out on the floor, braiding her hair in little pieces. Then to Alex and Nico, playing on the Xbox, while Karolina stares at the back of Nico’s neck, practically salivating. Some things never change, Gert thinks, but then flinches, remembering the dream she had last night about the blonde, after her parents reminded her of tonight’s little ‘get together’. It was all glowing skin and bright eyes hovering over her. Gert bites her lip at the memory. Some things do change, like the tightness between her thighs as she watches Karolina now, watching Nico.

About aphroditemine

Writer/editor, caregiver.
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