FIC: Waking (X-Men Evo, Rogue/Kitty, PG-13)

Title: Waking
Author: MistressKitty
Summary: Kitty doesn’t know what she’s doing
Prompt: Communication
Category: Evo!verse, pre-femslash, Rogue/Kitty

Rogue woke slowly with the vague awareness that something wasn’t right. She first was aware of a foreign scent; not the clean smell of her sheets and pajamas and shampoo, but something more… pastel rather than the black and white and green than had colored her life so far at the Institute. It was faintly fruity and floral, and there- the slightest brush of fingers! against her covered stomach.
As abruptly as she had noticed it, Rogue sat up and scooted away from the source of the fingertips. She was now glaringly awake. “What tha’ hell do ya think you’re doin’, Pryde?”
Rogue’s skin was still warm underneath her top where Kitty’s hand had rested, but her alarm rose to the surface. Kitty blinked sleepily, phasing through the tangled sheets instead of pushing them off of herself.
“I, uh…”
Rogue pulled the sheets up around her because even though she was fully covered by her pajamas, this was the closest that another human being had been to her other than when she had used her powers in over a year. Her pulse was racing now that the danger was past, eyes flashing from the bed to Kitty. “What are ya doin’ in mah bed, Kitty?” Rogue shrieked. “You know how dangerous Ah am!” She was almost shaking, but Kitty seemed perfectly calm.
Kitty tucked a hair behind her ear and stated clearly, “You were like, having a nightmare or something, like thrashing around and shouting and-”
“You got into bed with someone who could kill you with a touch?” Rogue gripped the sheets tightly, almost wishing that she could wring Kitty’s neck in the same fashion just to avoid the feeling in the pit of her stomach.
Kitty made a face. “You calmed down, didn’t you? I’ve got an exam today, and that was the only thing I could think of at three in the morning to do to like, get you to chill out and let me sleep!”
“Ah could have killed you, Kitty! Don’t you get that? Ah wouldn’t have even known what Ah was…” She sucked in a breath and it caught, tears springing to her eyes. Rogue turned to the window so Kitty wouldn’t see.
“But nothing happened, right? Forgive me if I didn’t think it through in the middle of the night after being woken up out of a deep sleep, okay!” Kitty stood up and straightened her nightgown, avoiding eye contact as well.
“Yeah, nothing happened…” Rogue muttered into her knees.
“I just thought, like, what would my mom do if I was having a nightmare like that? And then it just seemed to like, make sense.” Kitty shrugged.
Her mother? Perfect. “Don’t you need ta study for that exam, Pryde?” Rogue asked, still facing the window so Kitty wouldn’t see the pained expression distorting her face, not that the girl would probably realize the reason for it.
“Oh yeah, thanks. See ya at breakfast.”
Rogue didn’t look up until she was sure that Kitty had gathered her clothes and books from the room and vacated. Then she wiped the stillborn tears from her eyes and got ready for school herself, resigned to the fact that this was probably the closest she would be able to get to the girl she-
This was the closest she would ever get to Kitty Pryde.

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