Drabble: Taste (The L Word, Alice/Jenny, PG-13)

Title: Taste
Author: aphrodite_mine
Information: Written for the femslash_today Porn Battle.

Alice isn’t known for having the sanest of dreams. She tries not to remember the times when she still wasn’t quite with Dana and there were those horrible series of unconscious nightmares and then she was with Dana and then she wasn’t and then Dana was dead, and then her life was more like the nightmare, but now she’s doing much better thank you very much! But still. The dreams, they still aren’t quite sane. Alice isn’t sure that dreams are supposed to be, but she doesn’t think that one measly little fake distraction kiss is supposed to strike up a rush of highly erotic (if highly disturbing!) dreams about someone you aren’t too fond of at the moment.
They are swimming in cream soda. She can still taste it on her lips when she awakens. Oddly, that’s the part that bothers her the most. Not the part where Jenny is naked and Alice is too and they aren’t so much swimming as sort of squishing against each other and well, moaning. And there are fingers and tongues and lips and more tongues. They are tasting the soda and each other, and everything is very fizzy and bubbly and good.
Alice wakes up tangled in the sheets and one morning Helena even jokes over coffee that she was worried that Phyllis had broken in during the night because of the noises. Alice just kind of… looks away. Licks her lips.

About aphroditemine

Writer/editor, caregiver.
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