FIC: Light and Sound (X-Men, Rogue, PG)

Title: Light and Sound
Author: Aphrodite_mine
Summary: Rogue goes home again
Category: X-Men movieverse, Rogue
Notes: Written for the xmenflashfic challenge ‘fireworks’

She knows what she’s risking by sitting here in the dark outside her parents’ house, and yet here she is. The borrowed car is parked a few blocks down and the damp ground is starting to soak into her jean shorts. She holds her arms around her knees, keeping her body close and compact like she’s afraid it will burst. Her hair spreads loose and full down her back, creating a kind of curtain around her pale face, peering out and upwards towards the sky.
She’s always loved Papa’s barbeque, the smell of it wafting down from the deck making her want to cry. She has a perfect view from where she’s hiding, a window where the trees break. She remembers holding sparklers in her hand, spinning around on the driveway, Papa laughing, Mama calling for her to be careful.
She senses a calm just before the first blast goes off, a line of light shooting upwards and exploding in a rain of color and light. The deep noise of it hits her and passes through; she isn’t really here. She can faintly hear the sounds of the band across the valley, playing at the park where most of the townsfolk gather. “So nice to celebrate on our own,” she hears Mama say up on the deck. She remembers a time when those words were said to her.
She watches as the colors continue to fill the sky with thundering blasts. First green, then red, then blue, then gold, gold, gold. The brightness makes her eyes water and she tugs her legs closer to herself. She wonders how many of the townsfolk are mutants now, wonders if they ever knew what really happened to her.
She stands, still in the shadow of the deck, before the finale begins, and brushes off her shorts. She sneaks around to the front of the house, the driveway feeling somehow different under her feet as she pulls the sparkler from her small pack and lights it. She doesn’t spin around, but stares at it, eyes narrowed, until it burns itself out, explosions sounding in the distance.
She drops the used fiber on the asphalt and with one last look at her old home, runs off to her car, white streak reflecting the colors in the sky.

About aphroditemine

Writer/editor, caregiver.
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